1: a usually unleavened flat bread or biscuit made with oatmeal or barley meal

2: cornbread cooked as a thin cake on griddle or skillet


The caravan’s campsite was filled with the smells of stew and bannock on the firepit.

Personal Commentary:

I had to look at this one for a bit. Images and recipes and wikipedia point me much more at the second definition as oppose to what the first definition makes you think of (pita like flat-bread). So it’s not lambas bread from tolkien. It’s much more an american biscuit or cornbread (depending on grain), and a campsite/outdoor kitchen bread. (Although there’s nothing stopping you from doing these in a typical kitchen).

Side note: If you’ve never had dutch oven or skillet breads, your missing out. Get your gaming group out of the game store and into at the very least your back yard or a park that you’re allowed to grill in. If you don’t know the ways of this stuff, find someone local who does, and take them with. I now some gms will have snacks or meals tied to the session. Well, this stuff is a great example of why you should do that, and it’s not always dried fruit, jerky, and crackers.

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