1 : deadly or pernicious in influence baleful effects

2 : foreboding or threatening evil


1 The village could not survive the baleful effects of a poisoned well.

2 Her baleful look caused most people to leave the streets and shutter windows.

Personal Commentary:

So, one of the more famous spells in fantasy rpgs is baleful polymorph. Why, because it’s funny and typically advantageous to turn the big bad guy into a tiny bunny or turtle in the middle of combat. Paizo added this word to the list so you could understand the spell’s nature though. Deadly or pernicious polymorph – think about that. It’s a spell that turns you into a small helpless creature that your opponent can now stab with a dagger, or a bbq spit. It’s not a just a spell used to stop the big threat, its a spell used to prepare your opponent for death.

Also, remember to use it in ways other than describing that spell, so when you use it on your party, they’ll get a feel for just how bad things just got.

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