adjective Definition: lacking originality, freshness, or novelty; trite or flat Example: The bards banal telling of our journey failed at expressing the wonders and horrors we experienced. Personal Commentary: So many of the words on this list are extra vocabulary for helping gms with NPC diction. As banal as that statement is; it really seems to be the primary reason. A secondary reason is how much they use the list themselves in their products. »


noun Definition: 1: a usually unleavened flat bread or biscuit made with oatmeal or barley meal 2: cornbread cooked as a thin cake on griddle or skillet Example: The caravan’s campsite was filled with the smells of stew and bannock on the firepit. Personal Commentary: I had to look at this one for a bit. Images and recipes and wikipedia point me much more at the second definition as oppose to what the first definition makes you think of (pita like flat-bread). »


nown Definition: Nonsense, malarky, bullshit Example: 1 The amount of total balderdash coming out of his mouth was impressive, almost as impressive as the number of total idiots who listened to it while we got away. Personal Commentary: It’s not as common as any of its synonyms, but it’s cleaner language. The example above is close to all the uses I’ve run across, it has that feel of “bullshit for those that don’t swear”. »


nown Definition: a horny keratinous substance found in two rows of transverse plates which hang down from the upper jaws of baleen whales Example: But some later lost their teeth, developing plates of bristle-like baleen in their mouths that’s used to filter small prey such as krill from the water. — National Geographic, “Prehistoric Toothless Whale Among Oldest of Its Kind,” 19 Apr. 2018 Personal Commentary: A lot of Golarion’s (Pathfinder’s Campaign Setting) stories start or involve a costal port, or seafaring society. »


adjective Definition: 1 : deadly or pernicious in influence baleful effects 2 : foreboding or threatening evil Example: 1 The village could not survive the baleful effects of a poisoned well. 2 Her baleful look caused most people to leave the streets and shutter windows. Personal Commentary: So, one of the more famous spells in fantasy rpgs is baleful polymorph. Why, because it’s funny and typically advantageous to turn the big bad guy into a tiny bunny or turtle in the middle of combat. »


nown Definition: 1 : a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk 2 : flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity 3 : excited commotion Example: The bard was at the center of the ballyhoo, talking up all the wonders the village would gain from helping the adventurerers. Personal Commentary: So you know those scenes where the hero of the story gives a pep talk to re-inspire followers into doubling down on whatever plan they were starting to back away from out of fear. »


nown Definition: 1: orgy: an occasion of wild and drunken revelry 2: a priest, worshiper, or follower of Bacchus Examples: After the generals gave there somber speeches about the hard won victory, the streets of the re-captured capitol became a all night bacchanal to the gods. Personal Commentary: This word took some digging, the merriam webster definitions were only references to the various definitions of orgy. The hint is in the second definition. »


nown Definition: playful repartee : banter Example: I enjoy working with Mondo, but sometimes his attempts to distract from the subject with badinage is more annoying than funny. Personal Commentary: So this is one of those words you’ve probably heard or read, especially in fantasy and science-fantasy pieces. I didn’t know how it was spelled until now to be honest (possibly because of its french origin). I even had to use google’s text to voice software to recongnize it. »


nown Definition: 1 : a thing of little importance; a very easy task 2 : any of various games involving the rolling of balls into scoring areas 3 : a short literary or musical piece in light style Example: The bard sat at the harpsichord and played a simple bagatelle while recalling the events of the day. Personal Commentary: I think the point of this word is the musical one. »


nown Definition: 1 payment (such as a tip or bribe) to expedite service 2 charity to beggars Example: 1 If you wish to travel through these lands undisturbed, be prepared to pay the first soldiers you meet on the road a substantial baksheesh. 2 Beware beggars asking for baksheesh too quietly and look too healthy, many of the street gangs out here disguise their lookouts. Personal Commentary: The persian origin of this word makes me think its on the list as a word to uses for specific NPCs diction. »

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