Example Quote:

Livestock in those days arrived at Jefferson City’s riverfront, whereupon the animals were driven to abattoirs dispersed citywide, thus allowing butchers to slaughter as needed and sell the fresh meat promptly to local clientele. — Richard Campanella

Personal Commentary:

This word is on the list because of it’s age. That said, it’s usage isn’t exactly dead. The above quote is from a web article published in July of 2017. Interestingly, in a book I’m currently re-reading, a starship cruiser captain used it as a code-name for a very in-your-face and deadly surprise maneuver he committed his vessel to against two enemy pirate vessels. The attack completely destroyed one vessel with all hands and caught the other vessel so off-guard that many defensive abilities were nullified. Like the term suggests, the vessel that survived became very much a “slaughterhouse”.

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