transitive verb Definition: to lower oneself in rank, office, or prestige Example Quote: … the shame that had abased him within and without …—James Joyce Archaic Definition: to lower physically Example Quote: As we enter among them the great elephant makes us a bow in the best style of elephantine courtesy, bending lowly down his mountain bulk, with trunk abased and leg thrust out behind. —Nathaniel Hawthorne »


transitive verb Definition: to destroy the self confidence of someone Example Quote: He had never blushed in his life; no humiliation could abash him. —Charlotte Brontë Personal Commentary: This word helps describe the will power and or charisma of a character (or attacks on either). I don’t think it’s one GMs are expected to use a whole lot, but it will be rather useful in NPC or scene descriptions. »


noun Definition: slaughterhouse Example Quote: Livestock in those days arrived at Jefferson City’s riverfront, whereupon the animals were driven to abattoirs dispersed citywide, thus allowing butchers to slaughter as needed and sell the fresh meat promptly to local clientele. — Richard Campanella Personal Commentary: This word is on the list because of it’s age. That said, it’s usage isn’t exactly dead. The above quote is from a web article published in July of 2017. »


adjective Definition: causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred; being so repugnant as to stir up positive antagonism Example Quote: His abhorrent behavior at the festival led to a mob chasing him off and guards summoned to arrest him. Personal Commentary: This word is used fairly commonly, but I think for GMs it’s nice to know that it’s an extreme form of repugnant. One can be repugnant and not inspire people to act, but abhorrent behavior, attitude, or condition is so bad someone will act. »


noun Definition: the ritual washing of one’s body or part of it (normally plural) Example “After your ablution, we can procede with the ceremony.” Alternate Definition: military bathouse Personal Commentary: I expect this word was suggested for NPC dialect. Priests or shamans would use the word in providing characters a list of events or tasks involved in a holiday or specific ritual. »


noun Definition: a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue Example: A strange abscess formed where the rat bit the wolf, later the druid lanced it and drained the puss, and then bandaged it to help fight infection. Personal Commentary: This is one of the many words on this list that are common in paizo and other rpg materials. It’s a rather common word even in everyday life (at least by my experiences). »


adjective Definition: marked by restraint especially in the eating of food or drinking of alcohol Example Quote: Everyone drank it, constantly, with the exception of the rather abstemious Hitler himself.-Laura Miller, Slate Magazine Personal Commentary: Here’s another example of a rare word that helps describe a personal trait of a character or npc. »


noun Archaic Definition: the action or process of cleansing Example: Despite several abstersions, Thomas felt as if his hands were still covered in the blood of those he killed while under the lich’s control. Personal Commentary: I think this one’s on the list for the purpose of either aging your own diction for a npc, or to help with research. I’ve never seen it in a RPG product or reading material, but merriam-webster’s website says it’s usage dates to the 15th century. »


adjective Definition: difficult to comprehend Example: The abstruse writtings of Malek could only be understood if one knew his previous spell-crafting research. Personal Commentary: Here’s another uncommon but useful word for the GM or storyteller. It’s not a dead word by any means, but merriam lists it as a synonym of arcane, while only “related” to confusing. So take that as you will. »


transitive verb Definition: to provide with equipment or furnishings Example: My page will accoutre your party with horses, saddles, and a map to the abandoned keep. Personal Commentary: Here’s another neat word for the GM or storyteller. It’s another one that can be used to mess with NPC dialect. It’s a little hard to use, but mixed with some of the other words we’ve already defined, it could definately create a NPC whose memorable. »

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