Words Every GM Should Know


So I’ve been considering this for a while, and think I’ll start on this year. Pathfinder’s GameMastery Guide has a list of 759 words every GM should know. Some are obvious and some aren’t. I’m going to post a word a every so often. The format’ll be word, definitions and an example. This should help me, other GMs, and storytellers/writers.

I’m doing this for a few reasons: First, I don’t know all of these definitions, and want to learn them. Second, I want to see what the research itself does to my GMing style. (Expect a few posts about that along the way) Third, I haven’t seen where anyone else has done this, and think it’ll be a good tool for all GMs, storytellers, and authors working in fantasy genre.

So, this is the third attempt at this project. Once a day was rough on my sanity. A few words a week was okay but I left it behind because I didn’t seem to be getting any interest. Now I’ve got another social media outlet that has people who’ve said they’d be interested in it again. I’m going to limit the material in posts, tweets, and toots, to a title and link. So many of the places I asked have a character limit, and no formatting, and I don’t want to fight with that at the moment. We shall see how this goes, again.

I’m also not starting the page over, but posting one link a day on social media until I catch back up to where I was. I also add words as I feel, with an intent to keep ahead of the list I’m posting to social media.

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