Getting back to This

And what changes you might see

Nov 4, 2018

I’ve left the website, WEGMSK, and my NSN Gaming projects to gather dust. I think that’s part of some personal frustrations I’ve had lately. So a few things are coming.


I’m going to be moving my ranting to here. I once blogged on blog-spot. Now I’m going to move that here for a few reasons.

  1. Getting away from google. I’m not doing this for quite the paranoid reasons some people have, but they have frustrated me in some ways and one is the web/blog hosting. G+ dying is also frustrating, but I’d already started the move to “the fediverse”. I have two active mastodon accounts, will be focused on gaming, and NSNG stuff. is where all the random stuff’ll get posted, and read. Reply to anything posted here on which ever account you think will be appropriate.

  2. I’m hoping by merging my random ranting and other projects will draw more attention to this site, and therefore my gaming related projects as I post them. Some of them I’d like community input about.

  3. It’ll force me to check that the site’s up. It was down and I didn’t even know this week.


So, this is the third attempt at this project. Once a day was rough on my sanity. A few words a week was okay but I left it behind because I didn’t seem to be getting any interest. Now I’ve got another social media outlet that has people who’ve said they’d be interested in it again. I’m going to limit the material in posts, tweets, and toots, to a title and link. So many of the places I asked have a character limit, and no formatting, and I don’t want to fight with that at the moment. We shall see how this goes, again.

I’m also not starting the page over, but posting one link a day on social media until I catch back up to where I was. I also add words as I feel, with an intent to keep ahead of the list I’m posting to social media.


Krenna is going through a rough patch. I am currently running a starfinder game in the setting. It’s working but I’m fighting with things I didn’t get to determine originally. Also, as a move away from google I need to move as much of it here as I can. That’ll start soon. I’ll also probably find some way to let the work so far be public and still be able to sell product once its ready. I don’t know.

NSN Gaming

This is also in a weird state. I’ve got some ideas for where to go. However I’m having a really hard time figuring out time to work on them. I’ve also had some reliability issues with people who are/were interested in helping. This is not really their fault, as most were medical. We’ll see where it goes.

Character Journals

I’m adding a few personal character journals. I GM though obsidian portal most games, however not all the people I play with do. I’m taking notes for one game I’m really looking forward to, unfortunately it’s only meeting once every six weeks. This means lots of time between each session. I need to do something to keep the character fresh in my head. So “she’ll” be doing a journal here. Other characters may get one as well, depending on the games.

That’s it for now. Watch the site for new things. Talk to me on one of the mastodon instances, at least until I redesign or add a forum or comment section.

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