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May 19, 2019


It’s 4 weeks until the next Return of the Runelords session here. So while I’ve started another entry for Rhialla’s journal, I can’t finish it. Oh well, I will say that things are going well for her. There is a character sheet update. We made 4 in the last session, but haven’t returned to town yet, so no journal.

The Starfinder game is going well, but anyone who pays attention will notice no update to obsidian portal for that game, we started a small dungeon but didn’t finish it. I’ll get that one up when we do. I’ve played a little more with the ship mechanics. You really can’t build a proper representation of several famous sci-fi starships without custom frames at the least. It’s definately oriented towads smaller crews. Also their maps look cool, but make no sense. I patreon some map makers, I may poke them about better designed sci-fi maps.

The B5 game still hasn’t had a successful session, but we’re enjoying hanging out and discussing things that happened in the series.

The other games I’m involved in now have a predicitble pattern, and because of said pattern. Every third Sunday evening might be my best bet for rants, and site updates.

I’ve got a week of from real work soon. Gonna go somewhere for a few days. Not sure where that is yet, it needs to be less than 6 hrs driving, and worth a full day.

I think commiting to the website is going to be easier. So should setting work and starfinder accessory work. I think I may also have a pattern that’ll let me meet some intended goals without burning out on SFRPG and setting work. My next step for the site is continue WEGMSK, and migrate my working Krennor setting wiki over. It’s still currently a google site that’s the old format. It’s ugly to work on, and scattered about.

I don’t really have enough to seperate other sections out this week. I do have on thing. If you’re reading these, let me know. Especially if you have input on something. Thanks

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