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May 11, 2019

So back in November I said I’d move stuff here and work on keeping the site up to date. That considering that it’s the following May hasn’t gone well. I’m re-commiting to that. The original plan earlier in the week was to post that and some new material on friday. No plan survives contact with reality.

So this post is a little bit of venting.


Hugo themes aren’t easy to swap between

One aspect of the plan was to poke around and find a better hugo theme for the design of the website. With some changes to my plans for the site’s content I felt a fresh theme more suited to a blog and a few static pages about specific things would suit it better.

Everyone who’s built an existing theme for hugo sites does it very differently, enough that when I tried just a few of my content .md files in a new build folder with the new themes, nothing worked. It’s possible that the docdoc theme this site’s current format is based on is further off the beaten path than others. So other people may have better luck moving from one design to another. However, this was a wall for me this week. Not one I can’t overcome, but one that meant I’ll have to put more effort into that in the background, and make the change later.

Hugo wouldn’t build my page today

So moving on, I started this morning with plan b. Plan b was to unzip the existing backup of the site and just make a post and build the site with the existing theme. So I extract the backup, and run hugo server -D –disableFastRender from the correct folder. I’m greeted with an explosion of error messages.

So I spent almost all of today troubleshooting that. The hugo version installed on my laptop is much newer than what I used in November, and I’d hosed up some of the theme files tweaking them back then. So, after a re-download of the theme, and re-adding some css files and pointing some config files at the right template files, I’m finally back to building the page with the same look as November.

Real Life

Work is going well. The gaming groups I participate in are starting to resettle from some work schedule changes. I’m current playing in three and running two. I have a newer vehicle, (after unfortunately mangling the door of my previous truck). So for the first time in a while I can say overall its pretty good. Now to just find time for setting development.


I never even got to touch this. That was one of the other goals for today, I’d planned to write up a bunch of them so I could post them. Fail. Plan C involves writing some of them and some Krenna stuff while doing laundry tomorrow.

Krenna / NSNGaming

Some work as been made on Krenna for the futureistic era. I’ve definately determined that the first Krenna related product will be a system agnostic campaign booklet, set when Krenna starts their interstellar flight era. I’ve made some more backstory decisions, and considered art commissions. (The original artist working with me is still having vision problems). I did one concept art commision for one of the ships. Special thanks to mooncube for his Valiant concept art. I think the design ended up fitting a smaller craft than the one I intended with the commision, but will do well there.

I do have some more plans to share stuff about Krenna, and I’m seriously considering crowdfunding even the inital booklet. This one peice was much more than I’d budgeted for, and I’ll need to pay editors and perhaps even a few other authors to get something done by the end of the year. The question is do I want do the kickstarter/indiegogo style crowdfunding, or sell alpha and beta copies on the opengaming store with a discount on the final product.

PF2 is almost here, and I still haven’t played anything in it. My read over the playtest didn’t look encouraging. I hope we’ll get a srd or the pf2 crb will have an inexpensive pdf so I can look over the final product and see if its something I want to support. Meanwhile my PF1 sheets are still outselling my starfinder sheets.

Starfinder, I do plan on doing more with it. The more we dig into it the less broken (in a bad way) and more simply incomplete it feels. I think it’ll work out.

At the moment though I think moving away from specific play mechanics is probably a better move. Build the world I want to build, don’t worry about the any particular game mechancs for things that happen, then provide that. Later, I can provide material/answer question for specific mechanics.


I’m sorry I haven’t done more here, and getting back into it was a real pain in the butt. I haven’t forgotten this page or projects I talked about previously.

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