Hurry up and ...

Rant It’s 4 weeks until the next Return of the Runelords session here. So while I’ve started another entry for Rhialla’s journal, I can’t finish it. Oh well, I will say that things are going well for her. There is a character sheet update. We made 4 in the last session, but haven’t returned to town yet, so no journal. The Starfinder game is going well, but anyone who pays attention will notice no update to obsidian portal for that game, we started a small dungeon but didn’t finish it. »


So back in November I said I’d move stuff here and work on keeping the site up to date. That considering that it’s the following May hasn’t gone well. I’m re-commiting to that. The original plan earlier in the week was to post that and some new material on friday. No plan survives contact with reality. So this post is a little bit of venting. Rants Hugo themes aren’t easy to swap between One aspect of the plan was to poke around and find a better hugo theme for the design of the website. »

Getting back to This

I’ve left the website, WEGMSK, and my NSN Gaming projects to gather dust. I think that’s part of some personal frustrations I’ve had lately. So a few things are coming. Rants I’m going to be moving my ranting to here. I once blogged on blog-spot. Now I’m going to move that here for a few reasons. Getting away from google. I’m not doing this for quite the paranoid reasons some people have, but they have frustrated me in some ways and one is the web/blog hosting. »

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