Krenna Binary System

Notsonoble’s Gaming announces Krenna. A new campaign setting playable in both Pathfinder and Starfinder games. The setting has adventures set in High Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, and Future Fantasy time periods. It’s a setting where you can face a dragon in a cave, or work with one as a crew-member of a starship. You can use magic, technology, or the two combined for anything from fighting orcs to travelling between star systems. All with a continuous history, earlier adventures are the history for the later adventures.

The first installment of Krenna will be set in the Future Fantasy time. This is to give people looking to try Starfinder another set of worlds and space to play in from shortly after it’s release. The campaign features two (or maybe three) worlds described well enough to visit and explore in the binary system Krenna inhabits. From there more worlds, races, and histories will be available to explore.

Look for more news about this setting in Paizo’s forums and here as we put more together!

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