Who is Willam Towhee

William Towhee was seven when the legion of undead decided to ransack his village. He remembers very little, on that his parents fought beside the town’s leader, a former knight, and died while he led the other remaing children further in the woods. He kept the children together and headed the direction he thought was towards Kellenbrooke, but after a day he and the children were discovered by a scout from The Sparrows. The scout was impressed with his ability to keep the kids going, and hidden, but he’d been going the wrong way. The Sparrow, Erik Andhern, led them back to a Sparrow camp and eventually to Kellenbrooke. William stayed with Erik however, and learned to scout for the sparrows.

Now, as an adult he works as a guide for The Sparrows allies. He hopes to one day strike back at the undead that destroyed his childhood home. Currently, he’s headed to a village near the Andern/Tavia border. He’s been charged with escorting a man from further north to the village, and once there looking into rumors of a blight on the forrests. It’s far from home, but if it’s spreading, it could affect his home woods eventually.

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