Rova 26th 4718

It seems ghosts are more managable than goblins.

Or at least, Roderic is anyway. His home was truly in shambles, and we didn’t exactly improve that situation. However, most of what attacked us wasn’t ghosts, instead it was giant roaches, spiders, and things left to grow in the kitchen.

Eventually, Roderic and his family decided to let us know they were still there. Kel and and Val ran when they saw him, but Shen managed to keep her wits. Roderic’s first appearence confirmed that he was restless because the Cove was in danger. His second was how we knew what he wanted us to do. After defeating several strange haunts, collecting a partial map, he showed up again in a room to tell us this.

      My map. They took my map.
      It holds the key.
      To the vault.
      Baraket will control them.
      It will control you!
      I should have taken the gauntlets,
      but I fled. I was a coward. You must be brave.
      You must endure where I did not.
      The vault. It lies still in the vault.
      You must save my Cove.
      Save. My. Cove.

After that we explored one more room, seems Roderic’s youngest wasn’t resting peacefully either, her restless form was that of an Attic Whisperer, that fight was hard, she stole my voice, which made calling ashava to put her to rest even harder.

We found several things in the home:

-A locket with the image of Julit’s mother
   We returned that, and the personal effects of the guards, and he told us a little bit about his parents, we realized the trailgaunt was his father, and the roadkeeper’s had killed him. Damned highwaymen.

-A partial map that pointed out the stone house
   Not looking forward to going back there, but seems we will have to.

-The wooden case that used to hold Baraket
   We took that, hopefully putting the sword back in the case will lock it away.

-Nine bars of gold
    I’d ask how no one before us found this, but it was in a sewing room that attacks you.

-A pair of magical slippers
   Val took these

-A stopper for a crystal decanter
    Kel pocketed it, should fetch some money…

After exploring Roderic’s home, we decided to figure out what some of his words meant. We went to the town hall and found all his maps on display. The Shen and Kel recongnized something on the map of the hill with the stone building. A set of runes in odd arangement near the seven pointed Sihedron rune.

So tomorrow we go back out and confront the Roadkeepers again, hopefully the crazy old lady’s alone, and she’ll let us in the building to see if there’s something under it. Probably not though, a group of bandit’s are likely to find a secret door, and it would explain their rather hostile defense of the place. Why else wouldn’t they just loot us and let us go by. I’m tempted to just send them all Phrasma and let her sort them out. At least with our group we’ll do a better job of giving them last rites.

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