Rova 22nd 4718

Today was a bizarre and dark day. The morning started out fairly normally, Audrahni was tending graves of the strange murders the week before. I poured ten candles before running out of wick. I doubt these will sell, but some of town lamps needed new candles, so I figured I’d use them and charge their owners. Since I was out of wicks I decided to go down to the circle and see what I could buy. I spent more time there than I should. I was distracted by a scarf or two, and rambled on with a smith about designing lanterns. I was almost ready to go back when everything started.

Ol’ Coots was out with his cart again. I noticed a few people gathering about it. I didn’t think about it at first, but their conversation was carrying. They were drinking to those that’d died last week. They were wearing Horned Fangs patches. Fangs and Coot’s punch aren’t a calm combination, so I figured it was time to head back to check my candles. I was walking back when I saw some new, very unhappy faces. I stopped and studied them for a second, only to realize they were making straight for Coot and the Fangs.

Now the Fangs aren’t a bad bunch, mostly angry locals wanting better jobs. These new folks weren’t all that friendly looking, and no one really knew what killed those Fangs that night, but blood in the market didn’t seem like a good thing. So I called out to Coots. My plan was to stop any bloodshed by drawing attention to these folks. They didn’t seem to care if they were seen. Me and a few others tried to talk these newcomers down, but the weren’t having it. The new folks called themselves Roadkeepers, and talked about how they’d been here a long time. No, these folks meant to make a mess, in my new home of all places.

Before I could ask for Ashava’s protection, Roderic himself showed up! He manifested right in between us and the bandits, and moaned a moan that you feel in you bones. “No, My Cove!” he moaned. Ashava forgive me, but I ran. I ran away from the market as fast as I could. I know those who can’t rest are who Ashava wants us to help, but he scared the life out of me. Eventually shame overtook fear, and I went back to see the horror. Some of the guard were there. Seems everyone else ran too. I talked to them for a bit before Audrahni turned up. She talked to me and a few people who’d returned about what happened. She seemed especially disturbed by the appearance of Roderic. She asked me and those who stuck around to join her for supper. I’ve never been one to turn down food someone else is paying for, and Audrahni’s been good people.

Audrahni explained that Roderic’s ghost only ever appeared once before, and that was when the town was in great danger. She thinks that something has disturbed Roderic and threatened the cove. The dead Fangs seemed to point to something nasty. She asked all of us if we’d be willing to look into it, and help put Roderic to rest. I couldn’t say no after my embarrassing behavior this afternoon. A three others stuck around and offered to help. First was Shen, a rather voluptuous human woman with dark hair and seemed very self-conscious of how men looked at her. Second was a large half-elf man by the name of Keldormu. He seemed almost as rough-minded as the Fangs, and his giant cleaver didn’t do anything to change that impression. The third was a rather chatty and air-headed elf by the name of Vyraelys. This didn’t seem like the best choice of companions to try and put a ghost at piece, but Audrahni seemed content with the group.

I asked about where we should start, Audrahni said that the Fangs might know more than they’d let on to the guards, she also mentioned that Ladia Kelstrop might know something. The four of us agreed to start with by talking to her in the morning.

After that I gathered some of my candles, and set out to light lamps for the night. Miesalo was playing a lively tune out at the Temple when I passed by to light his lamps the Ashava shrine lantern. So I started my dance for the night from there. I didn’t really care if I was seen. I made my way through the rest of the street lamps and house lanterns while dancing. My heart was a mixture of excitement, fear, confusion and wonder. I expected my time in Roderic’s to be a quiet break from the road. Seems I was wrong.

Before returning to my room in the inn I returned to where Roderic showed up in the market. I lit a candle, asked if Roderic would speak to me about what had happened. I sat trembling for a time, hoping Rodric would show up, and scared half to death he would. After some time with nothing happening, I said my prayers to Ashava. I asked her to watch over the cove, and help me to help Roderic find peace again. Mostly I asked her to watch over us tomorrow.

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