Who is Rhialla

Rhialla’s life started fairly typical of a Varisian girl. Her family was one of the many caravan families of Varisia. Her mother was a dancer and storyteller. Her father was a but unknown. He joined the caravan when Rhialla’s mother was sixteen. He was stopped at the caravan’s camp one night evening when on the caravan’s route, but he came from the direction they were going. He seemed to stop simply to hear Rhialla’s mother tell stories and dance that night. »

Character Sheet

Game System: Pathfinder RhiallaCleric (1) Rogue (1)3150 XP Chaotic GoodDeity: AshavaVarisian Female6'1''Azata Blooded (Aasimaar) Rhialla is tall and graceful, with shoulder length straight black hair, dark blue eyes, and a slightly iridescent skin. She wears a deep blue dyed set of studded leather armor over silver and green silks. She keeps a red scarf tied around her waist. If the scarf is in her hands, then one can see the razor blades sewn along its edges. »

Rova 26th 4718

It seems ghosts are more managable than goblins. Or at least, Roderic is anyway. His home was truly in shambles, and we didn’t exactly improve that situation. However, most of what attacked us wasn’t ghosts, instead it was giant roaches, spiders, and things left to grow in the kitchen. Eventually, Roderic and his family decided to let us know they were still there. Kel and and Val ran when they saw him, but Shen managed to keep her wits. »

Rova 22nd 4718

Today was a bizarre and dark day. The morning started out fairly normally, Audrahni was tending graves of the strange murders the week before. I poured ten candles before running out of wick. I doubt these will sell, but some of town lamps needed new candles, so I figured I’d use them and charge their owners. Since I was out of wicks I decided to go down to the circle and see what I could buy. »

Rova 23rd 4718

If yesterday was a dark day, then today was a day full of shadows and small lanterns shining light on things hidden in those shadows. I woke up and went down stairs for breakfast. Shen, Keldromu, and Vyraelys were ready to go to see Ladia. Her roasting house was on the other side of town, so the walk was a bit long. Some of Ladia’s meat for the mid day was already available. »

Rova 25th 4718

That went horribly wrong. Yesterday morning we started out for the Churlwood to find the goblins that were holding the dwarves hostage. We made it just outside of town, I could see buildings still, when we were attacked by some small form of sinspawn. They went straight for Shen. We made short work of them, but not before they’d roughed her up pretty good. I got her back on her feet with my kit and we decided to continue. »

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