Notsonoble’s Gaming started as a custom character sheet for D&D 3.5. Over time local players asked for various changes. Eventually these gaming groups moved from 3.5 to The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This meant more changes, and eventually requests by gamers and gamemasters in the local groups for expanded versions of other sheets needed for playing, world-building, and game prep.

Someone suggested I provide the character sheet to others online. For a while it was a free character sheet. I continued making changes based on public requests, but eventually requests required software and hardware I didn’t have. So I decided to see if people would be willing to pay a little for these features. I also had a world that I was working on, and I wanted to see go beyond the few games we had played here.

Now I have products for sale through, RPGNow, and The Open Gaming Store. I am work on other game aid requests for any RPG by commision. I’m also working to publish a setting me and others have worked on for longer than I can remember. Watch for more products (including adventures and reference material for our setting) from us in the future. If you need a game aid or customized character/gm worksheet done, feel free to contact me in one of the contact options in the navigation section.

Thank You

Noble Hays (Notsonoble)

Notsonoble's Gaming supports multiple types of RPGs. Because of that we have to post legal information for different systems. To see that material please visit our legal page.

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